Song Stories #4 – Writer’s Block

Sometimes no matter how much you put in to a song, it never really develops into a fully formed song. This song is exactly that – I had this idea for a song months ago. I wanted to do something that started with organ that would build as drums, bass, and guitar joined in. So I sat down and worked on exactly that – I thought a simple chord progression would work nicely, so I chose Am – C – G for this. I added the sound that a record player makes when the record has finished for some atmosphere, played the organ and added a simple keyboard line over it – added bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and then…. well, nothing. The idea has run it’s course. I’ve been going through a bit of writer’s block lately and I think I put a lot of pressure on myself with this song, hoping it would somehow get me out. But, so far, the song has refused.

This kind of thing happens a lot to me. I thought some of you might find it interesting to see the process. Eventually this song will become… something after I revisit it. But for now, here it is – unfinished. 🙂

Unfinished Thing – December 2019

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