For the 2nd edition of Song Stories, I thought I’d talk about my song “If You Leave”. I’ve recorded this song with a full band in the studio three times, the first time was way back in 2006 (or so – my memory isn’t what it used to be)… The first time, I went to my friend Chris Thayer’s studio and played while he recorded a drum track, which I took back to my studio to record my parts over. I used his drum track on two versions I recorded – I can’t find the first one (that’s probably for the best!) – but here’s the second one, which I recorded in 2012…

If You Leave (2012 Demo)

Last year, I sat down and recorded another version – this time with me playing all the instruments. Here’s the latest version…

If You Leave (2019 Demo)

This new version is faster, which I think helps a lot, but it’s still not quite right. The difficult thing about being a song writer and recording your own stuff is sometimes you just can’t get the sound that you hear in your head to come out of your equipment. I’ll probably keep working on it and record a new version in the coming months.

So what’s the song about??
The song is about a time when my girlfriend (a long time ago) had broken up but were still friends and still a big part of each other’s lives. I reached a point where I didn’t feel like I could move on unless something changed – unless she was less a part of my life. So the song is about that search for independence which follows a friendly break up… I’ll leave it at that, you know – in case she’s reading… 🙂